Study Cases

43 Inch Window Facing Display

Product: 43 inch Window Facing Display
Model no.: 521XH
Installation time: 2021
Area: Belgium
Key features:
• 1920*1080 resolution
• 43" 3000nits Super high brightness
• Automatic temperature control
• Integrated multiple CMS
43 Inch Window Facing Display

Window facing display, a case study in Belgium. Most of the barber shops or eyebrows studios are located in busy streets, to attract the visitors decoration style must have a big display on window. So that visitors can see your attractive work, product details and many other information about your shop on through videos or pictures running on that digital signage.

The challenge:

At Shirin eyebrow studio, paper price labels and other paper product ads created by employees, printed and placed on the window. Changes to products and prices require reprinting of the labels, which may require changes several times a week. This process was very time and resource consuming.

The Solution:

Screenage developed a smart solution for displaying pricing, information and marketing. An effective solution to manage all requirement of the shop owner. Screenage provided display solution by which shop owners can display their ads, campaigns, pricing and product information on a big high definition window facing display that communicate remotely with screenage software and display multimedia content. This is much more efficient for employees and makes their job easier. From visitors point of view it is more attractive than traditional paper ads.