37″ Ultra Wide Stretched Bar Display

Shelf-edge Display is about the special application on shelf edge for smart retail solutions. We can provide both shelf header LCD Displays and shelf-edge LCD Displays.
  •  Model: No.571
  •  Sizes: 37″

Stretched bar LCD display. Our range of stretch LCD panels offers many innovative ways to get attention of the crowd. The innovation for retail stores. LCD Shelf edge displays with fully networked, Multiple length and width, Multiple display mode and high definition display. Replacing messy paper labels with digital shelf displays keeps shelves clean and tidy. Dynamic ultra wide digital signage display are versatile retail solution. It can be also used as guiding signs in public places such airports, hospitals, hotels, transport and events.

37″ Ultra Wide Stretched Bar Display
Fully Networked

Cloud based CMS!

The shelf-edge displays are powered by our Cloud based digital signage platform for remote management and scheduling of content.

Ultra Wide Stretched Bar Display
Multiple Length and Width

Options from small rack to the biggest one!

We also support customization sizes. Can cover any place on racks as shelf edge and header.

Stretched bar LCD display
Multiple Display Mode

Display more content than ever!

Each panel could display individual content but more than that is all screen could integrated into a big screen.

lcd bar display
High Definition

Display your content in Full HD!

1080p is basic option, can choose upto 4K resolution.

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