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32 inch high brightness open frame study case in Europe

Product: 32 inch high brightness open frame
Installation time: 2019
Area: Europe
Key features:
• 1920*1080 resolution
• 32 inch 2,500 nits super high brightness
• Smart brightness control by ambient light
• Industrial standard panel with full weatherproof
• Wish cooling fan system inside
32 inch high brightness open frame

Open frame is a popular product for special demand like if client would need to custom make the shell or design by themself. The client of this study case is a telecommunication company in Europe. The project is modificate the door of telecom cabinet, add one 32 inch open frame display on it. There is not a stronge cooling system inside the cabinet also it would have insect inside the cabinet. Be based on that demand, we have custom made the open frame for the client. First of all, we choosed AUO Industrial standard panel for the display, the working temperature for this product is upto 80 degree and front LCD glass would go up to 100 degree, so the screen would works perfectly even there is no cooling system inside the cabinet. Also order to make avoide the short circuit issue by insect, we have made a shell covered all the electronics components. More than that, all the electronic components has done the antioxidation coating.